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About Us

WATEK Engineering (WATEK) was formed in December 1995, from the entire staff of Boyle Engineering Corporation in Maryland.  The transition was based on a mutual agreement with full support from the staff and management of Boyle Engineering.  WATEK officially commenced operation as an independent firm in January 1996, and continued to focus on providing expert engineering solutions for various water and wastewater challenges.  Throughout the years, WATEK has provided study, design and construction services experience for a variety of technologies used in water and wastewater treatment.  Our confidence in membranes as an “absolute” barrier technology for removal of contaminants and their reliability in protection of public health have resulted in our strong commitment and passion for membrane systems.  We are proud to announce that since the late 1990’s, we have focused and specialized in all types of membrane systems, and in fact, now,

Membrane Facility Engineering is All That We Do!


Although our main focus is on membranes, we continue to incorporate our diverse technical background in source water protection, hydraulic computer modeling, small and large water distribution systems, water storage tanks, sewer collection systems, sewer pump stations, as well as conventional and advanced water and wastewater treatment processes into our membrane projects.   

About Us
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